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In Memoriam: Bill Rock

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Bill Rock
Bill Rock ringing his church bells
The infamous church bells

Bill was so many things to so many people.  Born in Camden, NJ, Bill grew up in Audubon where he distinguished himself as an elite runner, running the mile in 4:12.  He went on to receive a full track scholarship at Villanova University where he trained under Coach Jumbo Elliot along with Olympians.  Following his graduation, he trained as a pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps where he was responsible for landing jets on aircraft carriers (just one of his many death defying feats).  He retired as a Captain in the USMC.

Bill met the love of his life, Pat, in a dance hall and married her in 1956.  Together, they built a family of seven children that has blossomed into 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. 

Through all of the craziness that comes with raising a large family, Bill was never one to “rest easy”.  He ran the Boston Marathon, drove his motorhome anywhere adventure would take him, took the kids on unbelievable escapades (most not safe by any means but everybody made it), founded Rock Roofing which continues to thrive within the family, “lead the pack” with both SCU and BCP cycling clubs and earned medals in the Senior Olympics.

Although these are only a fraction of Bill’s accomplishments, his greatest legacy will always be his family.  He will be remembered as the Dad that taught his kids to fend for themselves, take care of those they love and never quit.  He will be remembered as the Pop Pop that always had a trick or surprise waiting and was first in line to see every grandchild as soon as they were born.  He will be remembered as the husband that loved Pat for over 60 years of her life.  Most of all, he will be remembered as the man who would always be there to save the day and never let the rules get in the way of a great adventure.

Doug Mueller delivers a eulogy for Bill Rock
SCU-themed floral arrangment