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Welcome to Suburban Cyclists Unlimited, a group of active recreational cyclists of various riding levels who tour the roads and trails of Montgomery, Bucks, and surrounding counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. Weekend and weeknight rides are offered throughout the year at numerous locations in Montgomery and surrounding counties.


Who Is That Masked Rider?

No, it's not the Lone Ranger. Nor is it the Dread Pirate Roberts. It's an SCU member you may or may not recognize! And we're going to have some fun with this.


Send in a photo of yourself or a member friend wearing a Covid mask (with their permission, of course). Photos may be while actually riding, or they may be at the start, finish or rest stop of a ride. Photos should clearly show the rider's masked face. Members sending in photos will be entered in a drawing to win a $20 Wawa gift card. 


Next, we'll publish the photos without names and ask members to identify the masked riders. Those correctly identifying all riders will be entered in a second drawing for another $20 Wawa gift card. The names of all the masked riders and drawing winners will be revealed in a special announcement.


To enter, please submit your photos of masked riders by midnight October 18 to Please include your full name and the full name of the masked rider. One entry per member, please. If nobody correctly identifies all masked riders, the best 'score' wins. Any ties will be settled by a drawing or other random selection.


Free to all club members who are eligible to enter.  For non-members, if you would like to participate, please visit our SCU website and become a member by clicking here.


On Friday, June 26, the Governor is expected to announce that the Philly Suburbs will go into the Green Phase of the Covid-19 Response ( This is described as a 'new normal' that continues to involve social distancing and use of face masks while loosening some restrictions on businesses and social gatherings. 


What does this mean for group rides at SCU? Please continue to practice the Mitigation Measures (found here: to the best of your ability. The virus is not gone, and we need continued vigilance to prevent a resurgence and a retreat to greater restrictions. We have seen this in other states where a shortage of diligence has led to new outbreaks. The good news is that we are applying to the start locations of our larger ride groups in an effort to resume regular weeknight rides. So far, they have seemed receptive, but they have not yet granted permission. Please wait and watch for ride postings on Meetup by the site coordinators.


Things are improving and will continue to improve if we all work together to prevent the spread of the virus. The most important measure to follow is to stay home or ride alone if you or someone close to you has symptoms or has had them in the past 10 days. 


Hope to see you on a ride soon.


Steve Muth

SCU President


Membership Extension


At their May meeting, the Executive Committee voted to extend memberships during the suspension of SCU group activities caused by the COVID-19 situation. Anyone who had joined or renewed their membership by April 1, 2020, will have their membership extended automatically for a period equal to the time from April 12020, until the date SCU group rides resume. Anyone joining or renewing after April 1, 2020 will have their membership extended for a period of one year from the date that group rides resume.


The April 1 date was chosen as the beginning of the Governor's Stay-at-Home order and the club's official suspension of group rides. Resumption of group rides was selected as the criteria for the end date of the suspension because many of the details of Red-Yellow-Green phased reopening process are still not clear. We will resume group riding whenever that process allows for it, but larger gatherings, such as our annual picnic, may not be possible for a longer period of time.


Please continue to practice socially-distanced riding. Solo riding or riding well-distanced from a friend are the most effective methods. We all miss riding with a large group of friends, but for the time being social-distancing is our best strategy to slow the spread of the disease and avoid the type of health care system crises seen in other locations.


Steve Muth

SCU President

186  riders (164 on the road, 22 indoors)

7,518 total miles (12,100 km)

The average ride was 
40.6 miles (65.3 km).

For more results, including prize winners and a list of all riders, visit:   


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